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Smart Oil production simply cannot proceed into the future without taking a good, hard look at 'The Bad' public perception.  It is not our intention here to debate the pros and cons of production and the true effects on the environment.  We are focused on the solution to a problem that is becoming more and more a discussion in media and water cooler conversation.  Simply put, 'The Bad' is the possiblility of contamination and over usage of drinking water for hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking.'  
Since this is a real issue, Smart Oil needs to address it promptly and with an economic, long term solution.  This attention and implementation can turn 'The Bad' into 'The Good.'

The public perception issue in many places is turning into a legislation problem.  Many cities, counties and states are putting a halt to further oil production and exploration until more is known about the consequences.  This temporary move can lead to more permanent and far reaching action.  It therefore behooves Smart Oil to visibly address this issue now and provide reassurance
that popular issues are being intelligently addressed.  
Public Perception & Legislation
The Bad
Hundreds of New Yorkers packed the legislative budget hearing on the environment as Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Martens testified. The opponents of fracking packed the hearing room with a sea of blue and with a long line out the door. After the hearing, opponents gathered in the Capitol’s Million Dollar Staircase to tell Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Martens not to go forward with fracking. The crowd was emboldened by a new statewide poll showing public opinion evenly divided with opponents much more determined than supporters.
EcoWatch | February 4, 2013 2:30 pm