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XavierC LLC Conservation Balls provide the immediate 'Smart Oil' solution. Our Conservation Balls provide a floating ball cover system that is a proven and effective wildlife deterrent recognized by organizations such as the "US Fish and Wildlife Service". Conservation Balls cover the entire surface of the waste pond, making the pond unattractive to the birds. Other wildlife such as deer and foxes do not attempt to walk onto the cover, as the individual balls do not support the animal's weight.

The concept of Conservation Balls has been around for a while but they were used mostly to keep birds out of water near airport runways, control vapors in industrial ammonia tanks, or stop water from evaporating at petroleum operations.  Smart Oil can immediately bring this proven solution to protect wildlife and keep waste pools free of animals that mistake it for a body of water.

In Addition, when Conservation Balls cover drinking water reserves there is a huge amount of savings.  Over 90% of evaporation can be prevented.  During summertime, it is possible to save 24,154.25 gallons per day (per acre foot of water) or an astounding 814,627 gallons per month.  This can effectively offset any 'Bad' publicity and show a Smart Oil strategy of responsibility, conservation and concern for drinking water supplies.
The History of Conservation Balls

The LADWP pioneered their use to protect water quality.  Back in 2008, soon after high levels of bromate were detected in the city's Silver Lake and Ivanhoe reservoirs, the utility dropped its first batch of Conservation Balls into the water as a low-cost, maintenance-free solution to the chemical reaction.  "We give a lot of credit to our own Dr. Brian White — a research biologist in our department who retired last year — for his innovation and imagination," Rho said of his suggestion to try Conservation Balls. "That helped us move quickly to resolve the bromate issue."

Conservation Balls are very reasonably priced.  LADWP has been a big customer, buying 3 million to cover the Ivanhoe Reservoir and then 9 million more to cover two other reservoirs as temporary fixes. The L.A. Reservoir —the city's biggest — will get 80 million to blanket its 176-acre surface, most likely on a permanent basis.

The Transition From Drinking Water to Smart Oil Application

During research and development of Conservation Balls, it has not been easy to meet all the stringent health and safety requirements necessary to implement Conservation Balls into the drinking water environment.  All of these challenges have been overcome.  The manufacture of XavierC LLC Conservation Balls are ISO 9000 certified and are NSF certified safe for placement in drinking water.  This makes it easy to transition into the Smart Oil environment.  Since the health and safety of humans is not an issue, focus can be put on the issue of keeping wildlife away from waste ponds.  During the manufacturing process, ballast is inserted into each ball to prevent them from flying away in high winds.  This is the perfect instant, low-cost solution to the ugly problem of protecting wildlife from a miserable death. 
The 'Smart Oil' Solution from XavierC LLC
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